App of the week: Pipes

Our favourite new mobile app comes in the form of news-gatherer, Pipes. The app which will “keep you up to date with news and updates on your selected topics”.

Pipes comes with an easy-to-use interface which delivers news articles, Twitter posts and Wikipedia entries on selected topics of the user’s choice. If you were to select Appitized, for example, your home page would collate everything posted either by, or about us. A seperate section for news, Twitter and Wikipedia makes it easy to read up on your chosen ‘pipe’ and built-in social share options make it easy to post on your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, as well as the option to share it via email, Whatsapp and text message.

Another key feature of Pipes is the ‘saved story’ section. This allows the user the option of bookmarking chosen articles for later reading, powered by the award-winning Pocket.

Adding push notifications for chosen ‘Pipes’ works well until you select a topic that is quite common. We sampled the app and selected the World Cup as one of our ‘pipes’ and were soon innundated with push notifications. However, in terms of less common topics, the notifications work well and seem to be responsive of the original articles’ publication.

One ever-present on the app’s homepage is the ‘Top Stories’ section which features the most-popular stories from around the web. This is twinned with a shake-to-view trending topics feature. Shaking your device prompts the most-common topics and gives the user the option of adding these topics to their Pipe.

All of this in an app that is free makes Pipes our app of the week.