Appitized named as one of the UK’s leading app developers

We are officially one of the UK’s leading app developers.

Clutch, formally known as Sourcing Line, is the independent body for research into development, design and digital companies has listed Appitized within the top 10 app developers in the UK, which means that Appitized are positioned firmly amongst a select group of major app developers.

Working with a number of similar major app development companies, Clutch compiled an in-depth analysis taking into account a wide range of criteria including the company’s references, clients, experience, market experience and the app development process and the app functionality itself.

Doing things the right way

One of the reasons we scored so highly is that we know that there is more to a successful app than just design and development, regardless of the type of application, industry and user and business needs. We’ve delivered a wide range of mobile solutions, from sports apps to NHS apps and we fully understand the importance of a well-rounded, experienced team when it comes to completing a project. These fundamental beliefs ensure that every client project we undertake is successful in terms of meeting business needs and app design and functionality.

Technology isn’t everything

Although every aspect of our app development process utilises the most-innovative and pioneering practices, we know that technology isn’t everything. Every Appitized client benefits from our full team of experts’ knowledge, skills and experience. As well as building apps, our marketing team can promote the app so that it can be found by the optimum audience.

Commercial experience

As well as a skilled and experienced team of designers and developers, we also have plenty of commercial experience too, so we understand business requirements as well as app requirements.

The perfect brief

We understand that clients are more comfortable talking about their business and challenges, rather than technical app functionality. We can then understand more about their business which helps to give us the perfect brief so that we can deliver the right solution for the business issues. By doing this, we know exactly what functionality, design and results is needed, and ensure that the final app meets these requirements.

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