AWS Cloud CDN Integration

About Appitized & Cloud Integration

Our development team utilises the power of cloud computing and content delivery services on the majority of applications as standard, via AWS Cloud CDN integration. We believe that the use of such services not only provide enhanced speed and reliability to your application but, more importantly, scalability.

Rather than using traditional server side approaches to API development, we offload core data such as JSON/XML feeds and media to the cloud where possible, meaning that not matter where your users are located, the content they want will be delivered at optimum speed. Furthermore, if your application goes viral, the cloud handles the increased capacity automatically meaning that there are no additional costs for hardware as a result of a successful app.

All of our CMS systems have Amazon S3 functionality built in and our team can advise on moving existing data into the cloud if required. Although our experience lies with Amazon primarily, we’ve also worked with other popular CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) such as Rackspace and Akamai.

AWS Cloud CDN Integration

Here is a small diagram based on how AWS Cloud CDN Integration works. As you can see we have a number of processes in place to enhance reliability.


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