JSON/XML API Integration

JSON/XML API Integration

About Appitized & API

Typically your application will need data from your existing system to function. Our team has experience working with JSON/XML data structures on all platforms and we’ve successfully integrated into a large number of systems.

If your application needs access to 3rd party APIs we’ve got that covered too, whether it be connecting to Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, PayPal, Dropbox, OpenTable or anything else you can think of we’ve probably already created an app that we’ve integrated. If you have any specific requirements or questions please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk things through with your technical department.

Standard CMS system implementation

Here is a small diagram based on how an API Data Structure works. As you can see we have a number of integrated systems that we can apply to your business across a number of platforms.

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Our team can integrate with your existing platform or build bespoke APIs using JSON or XML data structures.