Meet Dom, our new Senior Project Manager at Appitized

Appitized is pleased to welcome our new Senior Project Manager, Dominic Burkhalter. Dom has already had countless years of experience in a number of different high profile businesses, and will support the Appitized team in developing and seizing new opportunities in the years to come.

In joining our award-winning team at Appitized, Dom will allow us to continue our progression from a successful 2015. We look to establish new and exciting projects in Appitized, Appitized Health and Appitized Business.

We took time to talk with Dom about his past experiences in Project Management, as well as a little bit about himself.


Where have you worked previously?

My previous work has mainly been as a contractor. Most recently I’ve worked at the BBC, Razorfish, Accedo, and Garpple / Monetise Create.


What interesting projects have you worked on?

Some of the more interesting projects that I’ve worked on in the past have been the Just app, the Official FIFA app, the Go CBBC app, Not on the High Street, and NatWest Banking apps.


What are you hoping to bring to your new role at Appitized?

This is going to sound exciting! Documentation, Processess…


What areas do you see Appitized growing in and what opportunities do you see for the business in the future?

Apps and Mobile is one of the fastest changing industries. I think that wearable technology in particular will change things the most in the next 5 years.


How have you found your time here so far?

Great so far!


Talk us through your typical day

My typical day consists of meetings, sending out and receiving e-mails, planning for projects that are on-going and upcoming, and documentation. After that comes more meetings, more e-mails, more planning and more documentation.


What are you currently working on at the moment?

All of the ‘in-dev’ app projects, as well as some new ones. Our most current projects are Fare Share, Reebok, and Timberwise. There are of course many others too.


What are your hobbies and interests?

My main hobbies and interests are art, painting, and football (Manchester United).


And finally, have you ever had any celebrity encounters or are there any fun facts you would like to share about yourself?

Not really but my brother who works in advertising in New York once phoned me and my wife on a Sunday to say he’d just got back from sailing in the morning with the Kennedys off Cape Cod. I told him we’d just got back from shopping at Tesco!