Meet Instagram’s new photo-lapse app, Hyperlapse

Yesterday saw the launch of Instagram’s time-lapse app, Hyperlapse. Seen as a cheap alternative to expensive camera kits, Hyperlapse allows users to create their own time-lapse videos from  their iOS devices.

The app also includes a stabilizer which means that users can create time lapse videos whilst they’re on the move. We trialled Hyperlapse both in motion, and statically on a tripod and the results were effortlessly impressive. Once an image is captured, it can be altered with a playback speed ranging from 1x to 12x.

As you’d expect with an app made by Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, the share options into the two work efficiently. Much like Cinemagraph, Hyperlapse allows a cheap take on professional photography and will provide refreshing content on Instagram feeds (as oppossed to pictures of food). 

At the optimum speed, an hour’s footage will be replayed between 9 and 10 minutes and if set up in an active space, can make a great piece of content.

It’s not yet known whether the app will have an Android release, but that’s the only flaw we can pick out of it.



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Recreate professional videos with Instagram’s new time-lapse app