Moving with the times – Make your business a digital success in 2015

New year, new technology: new start? 2015 will be the year the UK and indeed the world, goes mobile. We’ve eluded to it before, but the change in consumer demands is changing. On a recreational and on a professional basis, technology is evolving, as is your consumer.Recent research conducted by eMarketer revealed that a quarter of the world’s population will be using smartphones next year. Twin this with the fact that smartphone sales have already surpassed the sales of desktop and computer sales for the third year running then you can see the true value mobile technology has for your company. The UK smartphone market currently stands at 31.7 million users, a figure which is only set to grow. Your customers will be going mobile, you should be doing the same.The best companies don’t stand still. Take the likes of Snapchat as an example, the instant messaging app is the market leader in its sector and is worth a purported $10bn. Having fought off a number of similar apps to retain their position as the leading instant messaging app, Snapchat have invested a large deal of resource into new features.

Snapcash was launched earlier this year with varying degrees of success and a rumoured ‘live music streaming’ feature is set to launch some time in the new year as well. They’ve realised that in order to stay at the top, they can’t stand still. When relating this to your business in a technological sense, it can prove invaluable to follow a similar ethos.

If you haven’t already got an app, you need one. If you already have an app, you should be looking for ways to keep it contemporary and relevant to your consumers. Your consumers’ habits will change with technology, not the other way round.

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