NHS Sustainability Day and Mobile Apps

Today is the 3rd NHS Sustainability Day- a day where healthcare organisations can showcase their work and share good practise among their peers.

Across the UK, a number of NHS and healthcare organisations have been raising awareness and taking steps to implement carbon reduction and sustainable practices. Appitized are proud to have helped a number of NHS organisations with reducing waste and creating a sustainable investment into their future.

As part of becoming more sustainable and cost-effective as a public sector organisation, the NHS have a Digital by Default objective which aims to make the NHS paper free by 2018. This means reducing paper wastage, and creating solutions which can be easily managed and updated for years to come are of high importance.  As well as transforming healthcare IT, apps are opening innovative ways to improve health and healthcare delivery.

At Appitized, we work with our healthcare sector clients to create cost-effective, sustainable solutions to improve patient care and improve efficiency within the workforce.

One of our recent mobile apps was for the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital. This NHS trust wanted to streamline the process of finding important information in their Emergency Procedure Handbook, in order to improve patient care. The mobile app allows staff to search for specific phrases and terms on the go, and has been downloaded by over 15% of hospital staff and student learners. 

This was the first app of its kind, and as this Trust is also a major teaching and research facility, the app is now an essential part of the training of new staff; supplying all trainees with information on the management of acute emergency presentations.

This project was completed in a way which would allow it to be scaled in the future to be used in other trusts and medical departments. All NHS trusts have a commitment to offering the best possible patient care, and offering a quick response in emergency situations could mean the difference between life and death.

Consultant in Emergency Medicine Dr Rehman Raj explains the benefits of the app, saying, “The app is the first app of its kind which supplies all trainees with information on the management of acute emergency presentations, which is free to access. It links in with local, regional and national guidelines and, via the contents management system, also allows Trust policies to be viewed. It can also be easily updated with push notifications sent out to all users.”



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How mobile apps are helping the NHS become more sustainable