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The Concept

Smart Insurance provides cover against minor damage caused by everyday motoring, such as scuffs, scrapes and dents, and maintains the driver’s no claims bonus.

An increase in the number of customers meant that a better way was needed to enable policy holders to submit claims.

As a claim is registered every 57 seconds, there are lot of claimants, and a lot of paperwork to fill in and processes to follow.

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Our Solution

As many drivers have smartphones, it was determined that an app would be the most appropriate way for drivers to submit claims.

The app takes the claimant through every step of getting their vehicle repaired, from choosing the type of damage and uploading a picture of it, to booking an approved repair technician to carry out repairs.

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Client Feedback

Our Smart Insurance App has revolutionised the way our clients interact with our business, Making our claims process the easiest and most efficient in the market place. 34% of all our clients now claim on our product using our app making our claims team 27% more efficient and saving our business 1000’s of pounds a week. We decided to use Appitized due to their excellent reputation in the industry. The project was and continues to be handled with great professionalism, delivering a product that adds true value to our business.

Mark Boote - Smart Insurance
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The Result

The app has been very successful, and has led to a reduction in phone calls, and means that drivers can put in a claim the moment that they notice their vehicle has been damaged without needing policy paperwork. This could be in the supermarket car park, at home or whilst away. The app means that there is no need to worry about forfeiting a no-claims bonus or being out of pocket.

Whilst the website attracts a lot of visitors who wish to learn more about how Smart Insurance works to buy a policy, the app is used by many claimants.