Eight ways to promote your app for free!

Are you considering developing a mobile app for your business? Or do you already have an app? Continue reading to discover creative yet affordable ways to promote your app and increase your sales and profits!


Start a blog

If you haven’t already, start a blog for your business and attach it to your website and your social media platforms. Writing interesting content will bring in more readers and will consequently increase your brand’s interest and awareness.


Social media

Ensure your business is active on popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here, you can promote your app and share the content from your website several times a week. This will encourage downloads of your app and increase your brand’s recognition.

It is also worth integrating social media into your mobile app so users are able to share their progresses or information from the app, onto their own personal accounts. This will allow your brand to be visible to a wider range of people and again, will increase the amount of downloads.


One or two-paged website

A short and simple website will present your app and its features very simply, clearly and straightforward. Whereas a larger website with complex navigation can easily confuse visitors and distract their attention away from the app. A one or two-paged website could also be utilised as a teaser for the launch of the app. You can create excitement and anticipation by providing sneak peeks, but you can also use this opportunity to collect email addresses for further promotion.


Take advantage of your voicemail

Although we have other means to communicate in today’s modern world, a telephone is still a lot of people’s first choice. However, customers are often left disappointed when they reach an automated voicemail message as they are delayed in finding the information they want. So you could this opportunity to personalise your app and direct customers to another source of information, such as your mobile app. Not only will this be beneficial for your customers, but it will also increase the downloads of your app.


Run a competition

Running a competition on social media will always increase your brand’s awareness, especially if the process of winning is to share your business’ information as much as possible. A reward, prize or gift will also encourage people to participate in competitions. For example, a random person could be selected every month to receive a discount for your business’ products or services.


Always collect email addresses

Gather as many customer emails as you can, whether this is in-person or online via your website or social media platforms. An email list of people who have opted into your newsletters is a powerful marketing tool. Attaching a catchy email signature with a link to download your app, will also increase the interest for it.


Know your audience

A fully-functioning mobile app has no purpose unless it is regularly used by consumers. If you understand your target audience correctly, you are able to research events or public speaking opportunities to further promote your app. Schools, libraries and exhibitions are usually a great place to start.


Mobile app push notifications

Although your customers have downloaded your app, they may not use it as often as you’d like or they may have forgotten they have the app installed. Push notifications send users of the app alerts to notify or remind them of your app. Click here to learn more about push notifications.


If you have any questions about launching your own mobile app, drop us an email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible!