The Effectiveness Of Mobile Advertising

The effectiveness of in-app advertising has been perfectly demonstrated by the recent news story of a 19-year-old Manchester drinker who saw an ad for a cheap flight while using a mobile app… and subsequently woke up the next day in a Paris toilet.

Luke Harding was returning home after a night of drinking, and after browsing apps on his phone, saw an advert for a £100 flight to Paris, which he promptly booked as a “spur of the moment thing,” resulting in him waking up in the Charles de Gaulle airport toilets.

While this is clearly an isolated case of drunken idiocy, it certainly shows the growing integration of mobile in the lives of consumers and businesses alike.

Firstly, the young gentleman’s decision to entertain himself on his smartphone during a journey shows one of the many contexts apps are regularly used in. In addition to this, the fact that he was inebriated and still chose to use apps on his mobile device demonstrates the addictive appeal that mobile applications have.

This is a testament to the effectiveness of targeting consumers through their handheld device, and this method is becoming increasingly popular among advertisers globally.

2013 has been an important year for the mobile industry, and smartphones and apps are big news. Total revenue generated in the apps economy grew by 9% to reach £1.36billion, with revenue sources being paid-for apps, in-app purchases, subscription and advertising.

Nearly half of consumers are predicted to own a smartphone by the end of 2013, and an increasing number of businesses are continuing to cash in on the growth of mobile commerce, using mobile advertising as a dynamic way to jumpstart their online presence and revenue streams.

By targeting the right demographics, delivering effective adverts and seeking innovative mobile capabilities, companies can effectively capitalize on this emerging trend to future-proof their business.



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The effectiveness of mobile advertising has been demonstrated by the UK teen who woke up from a night out in a Paris toilet