#TheMobileWorldCup – Friday roundup

The World Cup action kicked off over the weekend with millions watching and tweeting worldwide. There were some shock results on and off the pitch, as the drama unfolded during our Mobile World Cup.

Starting the weekend’s action were Spain and Holland. Spain went into this one as massive favourites, the reigning world champions were fancied as many people’s team to beat but a strong Dutch performance saw them cruise past their opponents on the pitch, but what would the score be in Appitized’s #MobileWorldCup ?

Spain 3 Holland 2

Moment of the match: Tweets during van Persie’s goal looped as high as his header and eclipsed any other posts during the game, making it 1-0 to Holland.

Most mentioned player: Robin van Persie’s goal made him the talk of the tweets. Marginally beating Arjen Robben and Iker Casillas in the process.

Star player: Andres Iniesta’s creative spark wasn’t enough to hold off the Dutch, but his 8 million followers make him a key player to watch during this tournament.

Strongest mobile applications: Spain’s mobile application market levelled the game, with sales in their applications far outreaching Holland’s.

Most mobile social media users: Holland fired their way to victory in this one with an impressive 65% of their mobile users accessing social media making it 3-2.

Mexico 4 Cameroon 1

Moment of the match: Dos Santos’ disallowed goals failed to add to Mexico’s scoreline on the pitch, but make it 1-0 in our competition.

Most mentioned player: Giovani Dos Santos makes it 2-0 with a plethora of mentions.

Star player: Samuel Eto’o and his 424,000 followers pull one back for Cameroon.

Strongest mobile applications: Mexico’s developing mobile application market make it 3-1, with a strong internal market firing them ahead of Cameroon.

Most mobile social media users: Mexico finish off strongly with 58% of their mobile users on social media, meaning an impressive 4-1 win for ‘El Tri’.


Chile 4 Australia 1

Moment of the match: Alexis Sanchez’s opener generated the most traffic on Twitter.

Most mentioned: Sanchez added another for Chile as he outshone Tim Cahill with the most mentions on the night.

Star player: Tim Cahill pulled one back for the Australians with 606,258 followers.

Strongest mobile applications: The emergence of Chile’s developing mobile application market put them out of sight of the Socceroo’s.

Most mobile social media users: Chile finish off this game strongly with 76% of their mobile users accessing social media and left the #MobileWorldCup with another 4-1 win.


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